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REPAIRS: Before you find yourself surrounded by spare parts and leaky repairs, call us, Redtail Plumbing, your local licensed plumbers serving the Lee's Summit, MO and Kansas City area.

DRAIN CLOGS: Clogs and the plumbing issues they cause are the number one reason plumbers are called into residences and places of business...

WATER HEATERS: In order to enjoy hot water on demand, homes need a fully functioning water heater.   Water heater mishaps are bound to occur.

TOILET REPAIR & INSTALLATION: Few homeowners appreciate a properly working toilet until it isn’t a properly working toilet.  Back-ups, overflows, clogs – when toilets fail the problems multiply fast.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL: If your garbage disposal continues to work improperly or not at all, call Redtail Plumbing, your local Lee's Summit, MO and Kansas City area professionals.

WATER PRESSURE: If you have low water pressure with many of your fixtures, the problem could be in the pipes.  It’s time to call Redtail Plumbing to diagnosis and resolve the issue.


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